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As an Anglican Church we are part of a world-wide communion.  Our head is Jesus as Lord and we recognize the Archbishop of Canterbury as a significant spiritual leader. There are 77 million Anglicans worldwide, over half of whom live in Africa. 


The church is organised into regional districts known as dioceses. St Luke’s is part of the Dunedin Diocese (Otago and Southland) which is currently under the leadership of Bishop Steven Benford.


Each parish is governed  by a vestry which consists of the vicar and elected representatives who meet monthly to consider parish life and policy and plan for the future.

Taieri Anglican Parish
2022 Vestry Members

Priest's Warden: Chris Cresswell (Chair)

People's Warden: Marie Folland

Vestry: Graham Jones, Chota Moore, Marie Folland, Cheryl Pearson

Parish Representatives to Diocesan Synod: 

Chris Cresswell
Preist's Warden
Marie Folland
People's Warden

Parish Wardens are elected leaders and work together with the Priest, Vestry, and Church members to make and enact decisions that affect the life and wellbeing of the Parish. Together, the wardens support and encourage the church members, whether ordained or lay, cultivating harmonious relationships among the people and the smooth functioning of various ministry activities.

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